Persistent and increasing poverty is the critical public policy issue of our time and the single greatest threat to the well-being of our children. Let’s make economic prosperity a basic human right.

Solution. Raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour to include annual cost of living adjustments.

Solution. Provide affordable housing through public and private investment to prevent homelessness and promote stable housing for low income earning families in Minnesota. 

Solution. Increase tax credits and expand eligibility for working people with lower incomes to help Minnesotans meet basic needs and support their families. 




Insufficient state funding for our schools is tied to policies that do not grow with inflation. Investments are needed to attract new families to our community and reverse declines in student enrollment. Achievement gaps and disparities in the quality of education must be eradicated. Let’s invest in lower classroom sizes, mental health and support services and innovative pathways to prepare our children for the future.

Solution: Increase funding for public education by indexing the general education formula to inflation to reduce reliance on local levies. Especially in the areas of special education, mental health and other support services to ensure students and teachers have the resources they need.

Solution. The United States is projected to face a shortage of one million STEM workers by 2022. Expand funding for public school programs to invest in STEM programs/pathways to prepare our children for tomorrow's jobs.

Solution. Stabilize the MN Teachers Retirement Association Fund by the Legislature and reduce the liability burden placed on districts. Provide relief to lower the high cost of college tuition and student loan debt.

Solution. Expand funding to invest in early childhood education by providing pre-kindergarten education and day care to all families on a sliding scale, with tuition fully covered for the poor.





Affordable healthcare is a basic human right. CARE must be the priority when it comes to the health of every man, woman and child in Minnesota. Our families should not have to live with the burden of debt or the threat of poverty for our healthcare.

Solution. I support a single-payer healthcare system that provides all Minnesotans with quality-based care that includes physical, mental, and dental care.

Solution. Enable negotiation by public agencies to pursue options to lower the cost of prescription drugs.

Solution. Expand coverage and access for mental health services for the wellness of all Minnesotans.




There is bipartisan agreement that Dreamers who are here should stay. Across all sectors, immigrants in Minnesota are essential to the tapestry of our great state. Together, let’s adopt policies that keeps families together, strengthen our local economy and keep our communities safe.

Solution. I support passage of the DREAM Act that establishes a path to legal status for those who arrived as children.

Solution. Increase funding for initiatives to further strengthen and protect Minnesotans in the new age of terrorism from those inspired by, supported or directed by terrorist propaganda and/or terrorists (foreign and homegrown) in support of an ideology or cause.




It is time to eliminate all forms of discrimination, harassment and assault that threatens the health, safety and lives of every Minnesotan. We are not free when we are not equal.

Solution. I support the ERA 3-State Strategy Resolution to US Congress and the passage of SF229 & HF356. A resolution memorializing US Congress to remove the deadline on the ERA and the companion bill to remove the sunset on the ERA.

Solution. I support adding the ERA to the Minnesota and the United States Constitutions and passage of SF224 & HF189. A state constitutional amendment and the companion bill providing gender equality under the law.

Solution. I support passage of SF101 & HF313. A state constitutional amendment providing gender equality under the law.

Solution. I will support and sponsor policy initiatives that are victim-centered, strengthen prevention measures against sexual violence.




The time is now for responsible, common sense solutions to reduce gun violence that devastates too many American families. Not one more. We must act now to strengthen and renew policies to protect all of our families.

Solution. 22% of guns are obtained without a background check. Close loopholes in regulations and require a background check before the purchase of any firearm at a gun show, through the internet, or between unrelated individuals.

Solution. I support the 2nd Amendment for responsible gun ownership as well as protections that require safe storage when children are in the home. 

Solution. I support legislation to protect our families that bans the sale of semi-automatic weapons designed to use high-powered ammunition, high-capacity magazines and bump stocks.

Solution. The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017 makes it easier for gun owners to carry a loaded, concealed firearm when crossing state lines into Minnesota. I support legislation to affirm states’ rights to enact our own laws, that do not undermine our current state permitting standards, to protect our police officers and secure public safety for Minnesotans. 




Clean water defines who we are as Minnesotans. We must also recognize that the high cost burdens for clean water cannot be borne by our cities alone. Proactive efforts must be made to build healthy, equitable, climate resilient communities as rising global temperatures remain a fundamental threat to our planet and here at home. 

Solutions. Funding gaps leave our local watersheds open to further harm that impacts our ecosystem. Broader state support is vital to sustain initiatives undertaken by local watershed management organizations in Scott and Dakota County.

Solutions. Invest in low-income assistance programs to ensure that low income people and small businesses do not bear the burden of higher energy costs, and the risks of utility disconnection.

Solutions. Investments are needed for job training in solar and wind energy and energy efficiency in our high schools and community colleges.

Solutions. There are no known safeguards that would fully guarantee our waters are safe from the pollutants of iron-ore, copper and nickel extraction mining. Without these safeguards, I would support legislation that prioritizes the preservation of our environment.