Problem Solver & Solution Finder

As we head into our district convention on March 24th, we have a lot to be grateful for in Minnesota. We are a community built on many stories and experiences, based on values we all share.
Like most Americans, my story starts elsewhere. Burnsville is my home, and I have lived almost half of my life here. I was born in Guyana - a small impoverished country in South America. As a child growing up in a poor country, with grit and the support of community around me, I survived the struggle of poverty to gain an education and thrive. That education and a lot of hard work was the key that enabled me to get to where I am today. This is the journey that prepared me for the fight ahead for a brighter future for all our families.
We have the solutions needed to strengthen our community. We also have a long road ahead of us to win back the House. No matter the odds; with determination, my faith and belief in our community, change IS possible and here is why we must win.
ECONOMIC VITALITY & INFRASTRUCTURE & HOUSING: Let's end poverty by raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour and make it possible for hardworking Minnesotans to save for retirement.  We can open new pathways to jobssupport small businesses, and invest in affordable housing and the vitality of our local economy with improved funding for roads, transit and infrastructure. Together, we can lead the way to secure economic prosperity for all of our families, especially our children.
HEALTH CARE, ENVIRONMENT & EQUAL RIGHTS: For a healthier Minnesota, we can ensure every Minnesotan has quality affordable healthcare, and a single payer system enables us to get there. Losing my Mom three years ago to a treatable form of cancer was hard. She did not have health insurance, and could not afford annual checkups for early detection or the cost of medication to save her life. This was in South America. Families living right here in Minnesota & America, the richest country in the world, share this same story. We can and must fight for better. A healthy Minnesota also needs a healthy environment. Let's prioritize theprotections of our water, our land, and support strong investments in clean energy. We must protect voting rights and guarantee equal rights for every Minnesotan to eliminate ALL forms of discrimination, harassment and assault that threaten the health, safety and lives of every Minnesotan. We are not free when we are not equal.
EDUCATION & GUN SAFETY: We are the generation to ensure our children have a fighting chance in their future. For each child to reach their full potential we must give them the best education possible. We can make college affordable, secure adequate funding for our schools and ensure our teachers have the support services and resources they need for success. We can reduce the reliance on homeowners to fund our schools. We must fight tirelessly to pass legislation to keep our children safe and protected from gun violence
Our challenges can be overcome through our shared sense of purpose. It is time to free us from the gridlock, the polarization in our politics and work together to solve our big issues. I am problem solver who wants to get things done.  My experience demonstrates why and how I can be most influential in the Legislature:

  • Operational Risk Consultant with 17 years of experience in mortgage banking operations and management
  • Better Angels moderator bringing Republicans & Democrats together to find common ground on issues
  • Volunteer with Vote Yes that successfully passed the 2017 levy to fund our schools
  • Volunteer with the Finance Advisory Committee for the school district
  • Single mom of a 14yr old son about to start his high school journey in the Fall with college on the horizon
  • Head of household, single-income earner, homeowner
  • Former Director with the DFL Congressional District 2 (Chair of the Education & Training Committee) 
  • Community activist and organizer with Indivisible & Stand Up MN advocating on legislative issues

My business and advocacy experience and conversations with you will inform the decisions I make as your Representative for solid policies and thoughtful voting to get things done for our community.
You ask, what is it going to take to turn the tide? It is courage and fearless leadership. The time is now for representation at the State Capitol from someone who lives our challenges, and understands our dreams. And there is no better time than now. I am inspired to run, to serve, to lead and to secure our proud Minnesotan values and to honor them in our daily lives.
I hope to earn your support and your vote to fight for you, for our better Savage, our better Burnsville and a unified Minnesota.
Warm regards,